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The NexAuto Difference:

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NexAuto is all about helping you get a great deal on a new car or truck.

Our process helps you locate dealers in your area who want to compete for your business. And when dealers compete, you are the winner. What dealers want is to have you work with one of them exclusively. Why do you think that is? Because it makes it easier for them in the negotiations. If you have three different dealers giving you offers on the same vehicle, you are FAR more likely to get the lowest price. That’s why NexAuto is all about helping you get connected with multiple dealers. Because that’s how you SAVE!

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Our Process Works

NexAuto is a place where you can search for a car with confidence. Your information is secure and our representatives are devoted to helping you through the process.


When dealers compete…


You want to save money on your new car. Everyone wants this.

But far too many people choose to work with just one dealer when buying a new car. That’s a BIG mistake. What you want is three or so dealers competing for your business. Each one of them giving you offers. And negotiating with all of them to get the deal you want. This is why NexAuto exists. To help consumers get connected to dealers who want to compete for your business. It’s all we do. Our program is free, fast, easy, and secure. You fill out our Consumer Connection form to get together with dealers and start the competition!

Find your new car now!  

Articles & Info to help you

make a great deal!

NexAuto is your consumer resource to learn about vehicle purchasing, leasing, negotiating, pricing, and so much more.

NexAuto is a consumer connection web site that is designed to help you learn more about buying cars so you can save money when you actually go to purchase your new car. With NexAuto, you can check out our extensive research library and find information, links, research data, and more to help you be a smarter consumer. Plus… when you’re ready to purchase, we’ll do our best to connect you to multiple dealers who want to compete for your business. Because when dealers have to compete… YOU are the winner!

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Searching for a vehicle has never been so easy. Just select the make, model, trim, and zip code and locate dealers in your area that have what you’re looking for.